Thursday, October 24, 2013

Android Security and Hacking

One of the reasons Android is so popular among app developers is it’s an open-source platform with diverse hardware options. This not only makes apps easy to develop, but it also makes the Android OS easy to hack.

Therefore, when it comes to android tablet apps development and smartphone application development, developers of security apps are in high demand. That said, so are developers who create Android hacking applications.

Why would anyone want a hacking app? There are several reasons. Not every developer, who seeks to provide users with apps that will hack or tweak Android devices, has malicious intentions. In fact, some of these developers hack into Android mobile devices to improve performance and features. For instance, their purpose might be to make the device faster, to enhance battery life, or to make it more customizable in terms of ringtones, alerts, screensavers, etc.

Unfortunately, not every hacker has good intentions toward mobile users. While the good ones seek to help, the bad ones seek only their own gain and will break into devices to steal personal and sensitive data that they feel is valuable for a profit.

Although it’s not possible for an Android user to make their device 100% un-hackable, there are ways that they can make their gadgets more secure. This doesn’t just include downloading security apps, but also avoiding using insecure wireless networks and not downloading apps from third party app stores.

Friday, July 20, 2012

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Javascript for hackers

I’ve spent a bit of time experimenting with Javascript over the last few weeks and I thought I’d share some of the techniques used. First of all Javascript is weird, cool and surprising language, it is just simply not possible to learn everything it can do.
Most of these techniques were used whilst hacking/playing with the PHPIDS and I got addicted to finding new ways of doing things. I’ve followed a question and answer format for this post as I think it is easier to follow rather than one big post of techniques.

What can you do if you can’t use eval()?

In Javascript you can store references to native functions in variables so for example you can do the following:-
x();// calls eval
Geko based browsers also allow you to call the eval function like this:-
So you can do stuff like, use your imagination:-

How do I get round using certain characters/words?

Javascript supports various encoding which allows you to represent different characters. So the following unicode example creates the eval and alert combination:-
So \141 translates to ‘a’ etc, when you have a string in javascript by using “” or ” you can use unicode characters, when javascript encounters the ‘\’ it will convert the character depending on it’s character code.
Hex decimal encoding can also be used like the following:-
alertString = 'a\x6cert(1)';
You can also use eval to convert the character for you, for example the following produces the letter ‘a’:-
charNumber = 141;
stringQuote = "'";
backslash = "\\";
alert(eval(stringQuote + backslash + charNumber + stringQuote));

How do you call anonymous functions?

Javascript allows you to call functions when you use ‘()’ as you already know, but you can also use it to call anonymous functions like the following:-
new Function('alert(1)')();
The code above creates a new anonymous function and passes the string ‘alert(1)’ which is embedded into the newly created function, it then calls executes the function. You can also combine the techniques mentioned, like using different characters encodings to pass the string information , you also don’t need to specify ‘new’ e.g.

What can you use as variable names?

Javascript isn’t very strict and is pretty lax when it comes to variables names for example the ‘_’ character is allowed as a variable name or even a ‘$’ can be used as a variable name, even different character sets are allowed for variable names.

How can you create a string?

Strings are defined using String(), ” and “” etc. What you might not have known though is that regular expressions can also be used to create a string, like the following examples:-
newString = /XSS/.source;

newString = /XSS/ + '';
newString = newString[1] + newString[2] + newString[3];

I really need this character but it’s not allowed, how do I get it?

Think around the problem, rather than try to access the character directly get the information from another source. Like for example say you wanted the colon character and you tried urlencodings and various character encodings, you can use the URL property to gain this information. Example:-
alert(document.URL.substr(4, 1));

I like the document.URL technique, what else is possible using similar techniques?

Surprisingly often you don’t even need to call the document object to access some functions, so URL is available within the context of the HTML element:-
In Internet Explorer you can even set the URL property to cause XSS like this:-

Are there any other ways of executing javascript in CSS?

Firefox has a few features which allow unusual Javascript execution, among them is the -moz-binding css extension which allows you to link XML documents using CSS. Here is an example:-

How can I use XML within Javascript?

Firefox now supports XML in javascript code, you can just include the tags like this:-
testXML = Test XML string;

Monday, June 18, 2012

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