Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Convert the format and Download load Youtube Videos Online!!!

Convert YouTube Videos Online To any Format
Vconvert (http://vconvert.net/) brings an amazing web 2.0 service for everyone of us who is a big YouTube fan and likes downloading and watching stuff on YouTube. This service makes our YouTube lives more healthy and easy to manage. Obviously by now you would have got your hands on at least one of those softwares or online services that help you download YouTube videos. This new service works much similar to all those online services except that it also lets you convert YouTube videos online to any possible format.
Download YouTube Videos in .wmv .mov .mp4 etc Formats

This service is brilliant and very easy to use. It lets you convert your YouTube videos to 6 different formats before downloading them to your computer. This way you don’t have to waste your time using those stupid file converters and you can just convert and download videos online without any problem. The 6 different formats allowed are:

Windows (.wmv)
Mac (.mov)
iPod/PSP/iPhone (.mp4)
Mobile (.3gp)
Audio (.mp3)
Flash (.flv)
The audio conversion feature helps you extract audio from your YouTube videos and download it. This way you can consider YouTube as your free source of unlimited online audio music as it has virtually every music video hosted on it.
How To Use This Service

This is also one of those (which I call) Plug and Play online services in which all you need to do is enter the URL and they do the job for you. In this case all you need to enter is the URL of your YouTube Video and it will download the video to the server, convert it and make it available for you to download in your desired format (You may have to wait a minute or two)


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