Monday, November 22, 2010

Hack any account in XP with administrator account

It is really a problem if you forget the password of your account. Today I m going to show you how to recover/hack the forgotten accounts password.

Step 1: Restart the computer and press F8 again and again on boot option.

Step 2: It will no give you many options choose “Safe mode with command prompt”

Step 3: Now the Windows will start in Safe mode, now here choose the Administrator’s account.

Step 4: Windows will start in Command Prompt, Now here Type the following command without commas “net user (account’s name) *

It will Look like “net user Bill Gates *”

Now you have to type in the password which you want or just enter two times to remove all password.

NOTE: The Password entered will not be shown, so don’t make any mistake.

Step 5: Now restart the Computer and your Password will be removed.


LIMITATIONS: The only Limitation is that the administrators account should not have any password, so If administrator’s account have password than this Hack will not work.


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