Monday, November 22, 2010

How to start windows xp faster

One of the best ways to help you start windows faster quickly is to reduce the number of programs such as msn,yahoo etc that are loaded while Windows is “waking up." To tweak the startup, you must use a utility called msconfig, as follows:

Start windows faster - Method:

Step 1:
Click the Start button in the lower-left corner of Windows.

Step 2:
Click Run.

Step 3:
A window opens.Type msconfig in the blank, and then click the OK
button or press the Enter key.

Step 4:
The System Configuration Utility window opens. Click the Startup
tab on the far right
Step 5:
In the Startup Item column on the left is a list of programs with
checkmarks next to them.A checkmark indicates
that the program is scheduled to launch each time Windows starts.To
prevent a program from loading at startup, remove the checkmark
from its box. Here are guidelines about which programs to allow or to
This can start Windows early but I must warn you that some of those programs are essential for Windows so DO IT ON YOUR OWN RISK!!!


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