Monday, November 22, 2010

Surfing Internet anonymously using TOR (it is the Same software used by famous WIKILEAKS website)

As far reading my other articles about anonymous surfing you have got to know that a proxy can hide your IP but it cannot be trusted because it may give away your identity if needed. But there Exist a away by which you can Surf Internet any No one can trace you even CIA , FBI or M15 cannot trace you. A example of it is WIKILEAK which use the the same software that I am going to tell you.

The Software’s name is TOR (THE ONION ROUTING) and it can be downloaded from ( for free.
Note: You need to install a Mozilla firefox add on which is included in package you have downloaded to use Tor.

Now follow the following Steps

1) Download the TOR and run it.
2) Open the 'Vidalia Control Panel' from the task bar and Click on 'Start Tor'.
3) Now open Mozilla Firefox browser, single click on red highlighted 'Tor Disabled' on right corner of browser and it will turn to green highlighted 'Tor Enabled'.


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