Wednesday, January 5, 2011

ARP Spoofing and Sniffing HTTPS and SSH

A possible way to sniff information would be to control an ARP table of a computer. ARP spoofing involves changing the MAC to IP address entries, causing traffic to be redirected from the legitimate system to an unauthorized system of the attacker's choice.
This is achieved by sending out a forged ARP packet to the target system, telling it that its default gateway has changed to the attacker's system. This way, whenever the target system sends traffic on the network, it will send it to the attacker's system first, which then forwards the packet on to its original destination as if nothing ever happened.

Attack Methods
Let us take a closer look at the attack methodology. There are switches that are not foiled by MAC flooding. These switches stop storing new MAC addresses once their memory reaches a given limit. In this scenario, an attacker can use DSniff's tool called arpspoof. arpspoof allows an attacker to manipulate ARP traffic on a LAN by redefining the ARP table.

Usually, such attempts are preceded by the scanning and enumeration phases where
the attacker draws up a map of the network and discovers the network topology. Looking at the network topology the attacker can decipher the IP address of the default router for the LAN. He then sets up the attack by configuring the IP layer of the attacker's machine to forward any packet it receives from the LAN to the IP address of the default router (IP forwarding). The next step in the attack is sending the fake ARP replies to the victim's machine.
This ARP changes the victims ARP table by remapping the default router's IP (layer 3) to attacker own MAC address (layer2). The victim machine sends the data, forwarding it to what it thinks is the default router (but unknowingly using the attackers MAC address).
The attacker sniffs the information using any kind of sniffing tool. The attacker's machine will promptly forward the victim's traffic to default router on the LAN. Upon reaching the default router the traffic is transmitted to the outside world. The attacker is now sniffing in a switched environment


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