Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Digital Keylogger v3.0 by Nytro download

Well I promised you people that I will post about free Keyloggers. Here is First of them. Use it responsibly, but there is one problem with it, it is detected by antivirus. But still better than nothing

: Digital Keylogger v3.0 :::
:::: (c) Nytro 2008 ::::

Digital Keylogger v3.0 :

Made in Romania
Client size : 912 KB
Server size : 196 KB

New : Server captures all windows .
Server :

Copy file : C:\WINDOWS\system32\explorer.exe
Starup : Yes , SystemDriver
Disable Task Manager : No
Hidden Install : Yes
Icon : Yahoo! Messenger

No "Missing file error" for client and server .
Features :

- Get keylog Automat : You set how fast to recive the keylog from server .
- Get keylog Manual : Click "Get Keylog" to get the keylog from server .
- Close Y! : You will close victim's Yahoo! Messenger , the victim will login , and you will get his password . Server will disable "Remember ID & Password" and "Auto-Login" options if they are activated .
- Kill Server : The server will be deleted from victim's pc .
- Send Message : You can send a message to your victim . Message type will be critical , the title will be "Microsoft Windows" .
- Use Backspace : If you select Yes , if your victim press Backspace button , it will have an effect to your keylog . It will delete a char from keylog . If you select No , pressing Backsapce button , won't have any effect .
- Save Log : You can save the keylog to your PC .
- System Tray : The client will move to System Tray , behind the clock . Just move mouse over his icon to restore it .
Download :


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