Sunday, March 13, 2011

Download "deleted" files from HotFile!

Recently got itself in big legal trouble which forced them to start (really) deleting "copyrighted" material, and banning uploaders who kept "infringing copyright" by continuing to upload their files to HotFile. This ended up in starting a whole new compitition in the Cyberlocker/Filehosting market. New hosts such as FileServe, and FileSonic now own the greatest part of the market.

[Image: hot_file_logo.png]

Anyway, enough blah bla. Lets get to the point!

Some uploaders still dare to upload files to HotFile and on average those files get deleted withing 30 minutes, but do they really delete files? Aperently not, and we found out how to download "deleted" files. this trick is superb easy and you need now knowledge aside how to use a browser!
Let me show you: Here we have a link which is "deleted" 

See the usual "File deleted bla bla bla" message.

Now the trick. You simply have to place new before the URL and then it will work again! :woohoo:

I've sucsessfully tested this trick with both free & premium user!

Yeah, that simple! Enjoy while it lasts!

It looks like a bug, so I expect it to be "fixed" soon


Anonymous said...

it doesn't work with me

Anonymous said...

it asks for username and password dude. it is defiantly not the username and password of the premium accounts because I've a premium account and I've tried it....

so what to do???

Please help!!

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous ::::
it was some kind of bug in the site, which seem to be corrected by the admin, so i dont think so it will work.

Anonymous said...

when i put .new. he want me to put a user and password can u tell me what's the password and the username

Anonymous said...

and thx :D

Unknown said...

but asking username and password

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