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Huge Collection & Compilation of Internet Tutorials, Tips & Tricks!

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Hello Everyone, I've got these massive collection of Internet Tutorials, Tips & Tricks!, and now, I've thought that it would be delightful if I'll share it with you.

All credits goes to the creator of the softwares used.

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[Image: 41ef6b.png]
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How To Sniff IPs From Instant Message Programs

1.) First off lets get this clear, its going take you a little to get used to this program so don't be mad if you mess up pulling the IP. Second i suggest if its your first time trying to pull a IP Don't try it on the person that you want to hit off the most just in case you mess up.

2.) The Program we will be using today is called smart sniff the download links are at the bottom. Smartsniff is a network packet analyze it monitors all the incoming and out going data thats going through your PCI Card or WiFi Card. In most cases if its not P2P Such as a IM there will be 2 IPs the one For The server of the Instant Message Provider and The Other IP will be theirs. Now in cases that you want to pull someones IP Straight from Teamviewer that would be very easy.

3.) On To the fun stuff below are some pictures that show the Program in use.

4.) Open Up all the programs you need so i have Xfire Open Putty And Smart Sniff Open and Ready to go

5.) After that log in or if your all ready logged in select your VIC that you want to pull the IP From open up a chat and ill give an example of what you do

All you do is Spam but remember you must click the Green Play button on smart sniff before you do that way it grabs the data/packets the picture below will help you under stand more

6.) Once you have there IP Feel free to Hit them offline or pull there Location and fuck with them all you want

7.) I suggest if your using Skype or AIM To go into a call with them because the packets will Increase Rapidly and you will be able to pull there IP Really quick :)

8.) Hope You Liked My Tutorial :)

Downloads: Smartsniff Here

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

How to get premium accounts

Premium accounts:
  • Wupload
  • Megaupload
  • Filesonic
  • Hotfile
  • Oron
  • Depositfiles

What we need?:
Mozilla Firefox / Google Chrome
Cookie Manager + ( Firefox)
Edit This Cookie (Chrome)
Little bit time!

Step1. Download and install Cookie Manager/ Edit This Cookie for your browser!
[Image: unbenanntfh.png]

Go now to Blog.Tomtest!

Search now a article with the name of your premium hoster for the premium account! i choose wupload
[Image: unbenannthss.png]

Click of "Get cookies!"
There will open pastebin with lots of cookies!"
[Image: unbenanntrhd.png]

Go to the homepage of the premium account (i must go now to wupload) register a free account on the site
[Image: unbenanntlak.png]

Register, activate your account and login. Then you open your Cookie Manager/Edit this cookie
[Image: unbenanntdf.png]

Now you must search for the cookename and edit him

A little list for helping you for which hoster which cookie you must edit!
*********.com (short version).....PHPSESSID

Doubleclick for edit
[Image: unbenanntilc.png]

Choose one cookies form the opened site (pastebin) and paste him in the second textbox. Press Save

[Image: unbenanntsf.png]

Refresh the site and now you are logged in!

Note: The Logs must be fresh or if it not working the accounts are disabled!

★★★Facebook Status Prank[TUT]★★★

Using this tutorial, you will be able to update your status like this! Even if you dont have an Iphone4
[Image: facebook-prank.jpg]


When somebody updates his/her Facebook Status using any Gadget the name of that device gets mentioned below the status like via iPhone 4 which leaves the great impression of yours in front of your FB friends that you bought new Gadget. See the screenshot above again!

How to Use this Facebook Status Prank ?
Just Login to your Facebook Account and use the below links according to your need :

Update your Facebook Status via BlackBerry
Update your Facebook Status via BlackBerry Torch
Update your Facebook Status via iPhone 4
Update your Facebook Status via iPhone 5
Update your Facebook Status via iPad
Update your Facebook Status via iPad 2
Update your Facebook Status via Android
Update your Facebook Status via Calculator

Hope you enjoyed this Thumbsup
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