Thursday, January 19, 2012

How to Remove Timeline

About Facebook TIMELINE
Facebook Timeline is now available worldwide.Once enabled you get a choice of 7 day review period during which it is visible to only you.It becomes your default profile after review period.Those who were anxious and have already implemented it, have no official choice for reverting to older layout.If you don’t find its interface easy and missing the old layout to which you are accustomed then I have a little trick that will disable it on Firefox browser.

This is a browser trick ,so if you have enabled Timeline in your profile it will be visible to all your friends but you will still see your old profile i.e Timeline will be disabled only in your browser.
Facebook hasn’t launched the Timeline for Internet explorer 7 or earlier versions .So,by switching the user agent to IE 7 your Timeline gets automatically disabled.
How to do this
1 Trick to Remove Facebook Timeline Completely
  • Once it has installed, Restart your browser.
  • Navigate to Tools>> Default User Agent>> Internet Explorer and Choose Internet Explorer 7.
21 Trick to Remove Facebook Timeline Completely
  • Now login to your Facebook Account and open your Profile page.Now it will open in the older layout but you may get additional white spaces in it . To remove these spaces just install FB Purity Extension in your browser.
3 Trick to Remove Facebook Timeline Completely
That’s it! Just refresh and your old profile layout is back!

Find the profile ID in Facebook.

To Find the Profile ID of those users who haven’t changed their User ID number with the username.For That you have to:
  • Login the your Facebook Account and open Profile page of the user.
  • Now just look at the URL in the address bar it will be something like this
  • Here 123456789 is profile ID.

For those who have Changed their User ID numbers with username, finding the Profile ID can be little bit tricky .
  • Login to your Facebook Account
  • Copy/paste the following URL in the address bar.
  • Now after the slash (/) add your username and hit Enter.
  • Now in the screen look for the “id” this will be your Facebook Profile ID.
115 How To Find the Profile ID In Facebook
That’s it! By this trick you can find Profile ID for your profile as well as for Pages.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Internet Download manager 6 07 build 8 Crack

After a long time i am posting this new stuff with you guys.As we all know that IDM is the fastest download manager with advanced options for downloading,it can be bought for several dollars but this one is free for you guys.

The Steps are as follow:
1)Go to
2) write idm patch their in the search box
3)Then you guys, choose the first option named (Idm internetdownload manager 6 07 build patch)
4)download it by using torrent.
5)open the Rar file, run the setup which will install idm.
6)Then go to the patch file open it (it will automatically patch the file)

Then you can enjoy the benefits of IDM..

Note:Never update IDM.

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