Thursday, October 24, 2013

Android Security and Hacking

One of the reasons Android is so popular among app developers is it’s an open-source platform with diverse hardware options. This not only makes apps easy to develop, but it also makes the Android OS easy to hack.

Therefore, when it comes to android tablet apps development and smartphone application development, developers of security apps are in high demand. That said, so are developers who create Android hacking applications.

Why would anyone want a hacking app? There are several reasons. Not every developer, who seeks to provide users with apps that will hack or tweak Android devices, has malicious intentions. In fact, some of these developers hack into Android mobile devices to improve performance and features. For instance, their purpose might be to make the device faster, to enhance battery life, or to make it more customizable in terms of ringtones, alerts, screensavers, etc.

Unfortunately, not every hacker has good intentions toward mobile users. While the good ones seek to help, the bad ones seek only their own gain and will break into devices to steal personal and sensitive data that they feel is valuable for a profit.

Although it’s not possible for an Android user to make their device 100% un-hackable, there are ways that they can make their gadgets more secure. This doesn’t just include downloading security apps, but also avoiding using insecure wireless networks and not downloading apps from third party app stores.


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